My Dear Brethren

Twice in 2 years, I shall have the pleasure of welcoming you all to Nagpur, the City of Oranges. Due to the unprecedented times of COVID 19, and the Travel Restriction imposed by the Central and State Governments as well as the various SOPs released by the Governments from time to time, the esteemed members of the Grand Board approved my decision to hold the Grand festival 2020 at Nagpur again. I am beholden to R.W. Bro. Govindlal Shahu OSM, R.W. Bro. Dr. Yagnesh Thakar RGM Designate, W. Bro. Anjan Biswas, W. Bro. Vinayak Kewadkar, Bro. Mayuresh Katyayan and all my loving brethren of Nagpur to have so graciously and easily accepted the challenge to host the Grand Festival at Nagpur at such a short Notice. The Masonic Centre of Nagpur has far exceeded our collective expectations from these wonderful Masons. I am sure that within the given SOP, Nagpur will again come good to the highest expectation of itself.

My Brethren, the Physical Meeting at the Grand Festival will of course be subject to the then prevailing Government Regulations and SOP of the permissible Meetings. We will also have to be prepared with a Plan B and C to comply with the prevailing regulations and still hold the Grand Festival. The Virtual Platforms will come in handy, in case of ban on physical meetings. The Book of Constitution makes it mandatory for the Annual Grand Festival to be held each year, and some Statutory Items of the Agenda to be passed. Nobody in the past would have imagined a situation of such a pandemic to occur, where meeting each other physically would be seriously impaired. Be that as it may, adaptation to the prevailing circumstances differentiates a Mason from other human beings. I had once commented that everything changes except change itself. How true have those words become today.

M.W. Bro. Rajeev Khandelwal, OSM

MW The Grand Master of Grand Lodge of India

My Brethren the tremendous COVID 19 related Charity Work done by the 4 Regions, Lodges and Individual masons have truly humbled all of us. Our Brethren rose to the occasion and went full steam ahead in the performance of the COVID related Relief work. Regretfully some of our most gallant COVID warriors have left for their heavenly abode, while in the line of duty. We all pay our heartfelt homage to them and further resolve to keep their work going. They have made us proud of our Institution. At the same time I exhort each one of you to take utmost care and precaution of your own selves and of your near and dear ones. Always remember that we are fighting an unseen and uncanny enemy, who does not differentiate at all between the rich and the poor, young and the old, male or a female and wise and otherwise. Each one of us has to be on our toes and extra vigilant for some more time to come.

The Virtual Platforms have come in very handy for us to continue to be in touch with each other and take many administrative decisions. Lodges and Brethren have risen to the occasion and have taken full advantage of these platforms to perform their allotted duties towards their lodges and to each other. We have successfully conducted the Grand Board Meetings of the Craft, Mark, RAM and Holy Royal Arch Chapters, along with other Masonic Trusts etc and have taken some path breaking decisions. I trust that history will someday judge all of us kindly and fondly remember that even in these tiring circumstances we all remained true to our word and work both.

My Brethren we all have longed enough to meet and greet each other physically and hopefully Grand Festival 2020 will once again give us an opportunity to do so. I can assure you that the Brethren of Nagpur will leave no stone unturned to make your sojourn to this Orange City Memorable. Since certain permissions will have to be taken for our assemblies, therefore I request you to Register early and within the last date. There would be certain physical restrictions during the Meetings and I exhort all of you to strictly follow the SOP of the Grand Festival. Keeping safe and making others safe is our combined duty and we are bound by the same.

In the meanwhile keep smiling and continue to remain safe.

Rajeev Khandelwal

Grand Master


The decision of The Grand Board to hold the Grand Festival in Nagpur, not virtually but physically is an indication of the inner strength and great trust not only of those who have taken the decision but also of the members of the Nagpur Masonic Fraternity and also of those who come forward to support the excellent hospitality witnessed in any event held at Nagpur. The hospitality at the Grand Festival in November 2018 is still fresh in the memory of those who attended.

The Grand Festival 2018 was attended by the largest number of delegates and dignitaries in any Grand Festival in the Western region. This time due to circumstances beyond control the number has to be restricted for which we seek your cooperation but it is not the number but the warmth which we cherish and remember. I as the chairman of the organising committee extend my warm greetings and cordial invitation and also seek your fullest cooperation and support in fully abiding by the guidelines of the authority. I only promise that those attending will not be disappointed. With fraternal greetings,

R.W.Bro. Govindlal Shahu, OSM

Chairman, Organising Committee

G.L Shahu


Nagpur beckons you.........

It is again a matter of great pleasure for me to welcome you to the city of oranges.

The pandemic of Covid 19 has changed many things. Nevertheless the spirit of freemasonry remains the same. In spite of many restrictions and constraints the freemasons continued their good work during last couple of months. This pandemic is the reason that Nagpur is hosting grand festival again after a gap of just one year. Its geographical location of being centrally placed in our country makes it more convenient for our brethren from different parts of country to reach for the Grand Festival by traveling the shorter distances and avoiding very long distance travels.

The brethren of Nagpur are ever willing to welcome you all. As you know, the weather in this city during the month of November is very appropriate and enjoyable. There will be early winter chill during nights, but day time temperature will be comfortable.

Due to continuing of the Covid pandemic, we expect some restrictions imposed by the local and national government authorities and we will have to abide by them. Apart from that we are bound to observe social distancing, use of face masks and sanitization of hands.

We, the brethren of Nagpur, take this privilege to invite all of you to attend and participate in the Grand Festival 2020 at Nagpur. Brethren of Nagpur are ever ready to assist you in any manner that is possible. Feel free to contact us for anything pertaining to this Grand Festival.

On behalf of the Organizing Team:

R.W.Bro. Dr. Yagnesh Thakar

Secretary, Organising Committee

Dr. Yagnesh Thakar

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